I have always had the gift of "fluff." I love to set a pretty table, wrap an unusual package, create spectacular staging... you know... FLUFF! I never really thought of fluff as being that useful until I read the quote above from Mother Teresa. It made me see that extending hospitality, simple or extravagant, is a tangible way to share God's love and His grace. Once I embraced this concept, I began to plan parties, women's retreats, and other special events.

Through this site, I am going to share the secrets and tips that I have gleaned from over 15 years of experience planning everything from wedding receptions and potlucks to retreats, seminars, and conferences. I will share strategies that will give you the confidence you need to pull off a memorable event like a real pro, as well as the little details that will leave a lasting impression on the attendees.

Any special event, whether it is a ladies lunch, baby shower, weekend retreat, or a large conference, can be life changing - not only for those who attend - but also for those who plan the event.

So... let's start planning!

Sweet Blessings,